Cornerstone can help improve your team’s performance

From establishing and maintaining a complete Performance Management System, whether it be manual or electronic, integrated or stand alone, Cornerstone will help you create simple and effective ways to support and engage your team to encourage high performance or assist you to manage underperforming staff.


Feedback is critical to getting the most from your team.

A formal performance appraisal or review process provides an opportunity to evaluate an employee’s performance and discuss areas for improvement.

Cornerstone can assist in establishing an effective performance review process in your business, or we can work with your existing materials, and support the process to free up your time and resources for other areas of the business. We can conduct performance reviews for you, together with you or provide whatever level of support you and your team may need.

Having clarity around their duties and responsibilities gives employees the best chance to succeed in their role. Having key performance indicators that are directly linked to business performance is an effective way to measure an employee’s performance. We assist employers to define practical and measurable KPIs that align with the goals of the business.

Managing Poor Performance

What can you do when an employee is consistently underperforming?

We help employers with performance management concerns in their team to identify the key issues linked to poor performance and to then put in place a strategy to improve work performance. We work with both individual performance concerns and broader performance issues that may be apparent across the workplace or specific teams.

We consider the unique factors contributing to each situation, and advise on the best approach considering the specifics of your business.

Our HR specialists work with you or your management team, to provide support and structure around this performance management process to achieve the best outcome, while minimising any potential risks to the business.

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