When facing a workplace incident or allegations of misconduct or harassment, the importance of conducting independent, timely and procedurally fair investigations cannot be underestimated.

Our team has extensive experience investigating workplace bullying and harassment claims, as well as instances of gross misconduct, completing the independent investigative process with sensitivity and care.

Under both State-based and Federal anti-discrimination legislation, employers can be held liable for one employee’s harassment of another, if the employer cannot show that they took reasonable precautions to prevent the harassment occurring.

It is recommended that if a business is unable to undertake an effective internal investigation in response to a workplace complaint, they look to an external party to investigate the claims.

This provides additional protection for the employer, especially when an employee raises serious allegations. Cornerstone ensures that the investigation is conducted in a timely, unbiased and professional manner.

Cornerstone works with legal and professional services firms to conduct independent investigations and we also directly assist employers dealing with claims of discrimination, harassment, bullying, improper conduct, or any other serious employee claims.

Does your business have a Bullying and Harrassment Policy in place?