When dealing with a workplace incident or allegations of misconduct or harassment, the importance of conducting independent, timely and procedurally fair investigations cannot be underestimated.

We understand the complexities involved in conducting investigations, and will collaborate closely with businesses to effectively navigate this tricky terrain.

Our services

Our services cater to a diverse range of businesses, providing support to local businesses in Perth, the broader metropolitan area, and regional locations across Western Australia and beyond.

Licensed Investigators

Our licensed investigators bring extensive experience in conducting thorough and impartial employee investigations. From misconduct to compliance issues, we delve deep to uncover the facts, ensuring fair and confidential handling of every case.

Highly Experienced

With years of experience and a commitment to ethical practices, our team delivers reliable results that uphold the integrity of your business. We understand the nuances of workplace dynamics and are dedicated to preserving a positive work environment through effective resolution strategies.

Investigative Capabilities

Our investigative capabilities extend beyond Perth through advanced technologies such as video conferencing and secure digital platforms. This allows us to conduct thorough and efficient investigations remotely, ensuring timely responses to our clients’ needs across Western Australia.

Whistleblower Investigations

We specialise in handling whistleblowing cases with sensitivity and diligence, ensuring that all allegations are investigated impartially and confidentially. Whatever your location, our team is equipped to deliver comprehensive investigative services with professionalism and confidentiality.

Why choose Cornerstone?

It is recommended that if a business is unable to undertake an effective internal investigation in response to a workplace complaint, they look to an external party to investigate the claims. This provides additional protection for the employer, especially when an employee raises serious allegations.

At Cornerstone, we provide end-to-end solutions tailored to meet your business needs. From initial fact-finding to mediation sessions and comprehensive reporting, we guide you through every step of the process to ensure that the investigation is conducted in a timely, unbiased, confidential and professional manner.

Does your business have a Bullying and Harrassment Policy in place?