As your business grows, the need for different skills and the requirements of various roles will change.

We can help you plan for these changes, taking into account the existing skill sets within your team and identifying opportunities for developing roles. We work with you and your team to communicate and undertake any necessary changes to roles and teams.

Succession planning

As part of an effective human resources strategy your business will likely benefit from some form of a succession plan.

It’s an inevitable reality that, for a variety of reasons, employees will resign, retire, be terminated, get sick, or die. Whether you’re the owner of a small business or managing a large corporation, its critical you are prepared for these changes, and having a clear succession plan in place helps to future proof your business for long term success.



Wherever possible, and in the event the business has forward visibility of key personnel movements, we would investigate the possibility of replacement from within. This may require cross-training, job shadowing, and formal training (in house or external) to upskill valued employees and provide opportunities for their progression in the business.

Understanding the key roles within the business and the skills and qualifications required to successfully perform these roles is critical to preparing for the future and creating a plan for your workforce.

Developing and communicating your succession plan has far reaching advantages beyond your own peace of mind and future proofing the business.

Your employees will have more confidence in leadership knowing a plan is in place, while seeing defined pathways for their own career advancement encourages your best talent to stay with the business long term.