At Cornerstone, we know that effectively managing employees and establishing compliant workplace structures can be one of the more challenging aspects of growing a business in Australia. We will partner with you to provide the HR service your business needs right now, allowing you to keep your focus on revenue generating core business activities.

looking at downsizing or preparing for further growth?

Small to Medium business’ alike all require restructuring at one time or another. Whether this is redefining roles, reallocating existing resources into suitable roles, or reducing the size of your workforce through potential redundancy, Cornerstone’s team has the training and experience to make the required changes simple and effective.


Across our team, we have significant experience in managing redundancies in various industries. We can provide the specific support and guidance you need in terms of strategic analysis, scripts to guide your communications, redundancy payment calculations and provide the documentation required such as termination of employment letters. We do all of this with the upmost respect and trust of both the employer and employee.

It can seem daunting as a business owner or manager facing such change, and unless you have some expertise in the area, it is best to have the support of an experienced HR advisor, either for specific tasks or for end to end management of the redundancy.

Growing your team?

Most businesses are aiming for growth, of course, however a rapidly growing business can present all kinds of challenges as you wrestle with being under resourced and needing to bring people on in a hurry. When your business is rapidly growing it can be an exciting place to work, however you may not have the foundations in place for effectively managing employees and building a team culture that aligns with your business values.

With so many shifting priorities demanding your attention day to day, it’s easy to understand why many businesses underestimate the importance of having a a good foundation of HR policies and processes in place, as well as a strong plan for how you will attract and retain employees.

Not having a clear plan can lead to many problems down the track and threaten your continued business success. You may find it difficult to hire and train the right people; staff training and support needs are neglected; or you may find yourself micromanaging and resisting delegation.

We can help.

We believe that all employers, regardless of size or scale deserve access to comprehensive, quality, honest advice and support that is appropriate and scalable to the needs of their individual businesses.

We can empower business owners with the knowledge and strategies required to manage their team effectively. We firmly believe that effective teams are the cornerstone of successful businesses.

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