ARE you meeting your legal obligations?

In Australia, our workplace relations systems and legislation are some of the most complex in the world.

Most employers want to do the right thing by their people. Still, it can be difficult for many business owners and managers to know if they are fully complying with the relevant awards, correctly following the National Employment Standards and meeting all of their legal obligations as an employer.

Here at Cornerstone, we take the complexity and hard work out of HR, and deliver pragmatic HR advice and solutions that suit your business, and give you the assurance that you are meeting all the legal requirements around managing your staff.

We work with a range of businesses and organisations to review existing HR documents, such as employment contracts or HR policies to provide peace of mind that their HR processes are aligned with the Fair Work Act.

We can help you to determine where you may be inadvertently breaching workplace laws through a simple HR audit, focusing on any areas of concern. Through looking at your existing HR documentation, and discussing your current workplace issues, we can identify any areas of concern and recommend changes that may be required. We can then advise your team or directly implement these changes to provide the business with the best protection available under the Fair Work legislation

Whether you are a small business with just a few employees or a business with multiple business units and hundreds of employees, we can help you comply with all aspects of employment law and effectively manage your HR requirements.

Cornerstone will gain a thorough understanding of your business and ensure that any HR documentation is relevant, compliant and practical for your specific workplace.

Need to know more about complying with relevant legislation?