Turnover and Retention

Some staff turnover is inevitable however high rates of staff turnover can be costly and have huge impacts on your business.

Whether you’re looking for ways to reduce turnover, or recognise existing talent within your organisation and want to ensure you can retain valued employees, we can help.

We will work with you to identify the key individuals of whom retention is vital to the business. It is important to acknowledge and ensure adequate reward is made to those who are most instrumental in the success of the business. This is not always most effective through additional financial reward and Cornerstone can help you identify and implement alternative methods of reward to assist in retention.


Finding the right people for your business can be challenging.

We are not your typical recruitment agency. Our HR support model means we get to know your business and can offer a high-touch recruitment service, that is aligned to your needs, without the fees and placement costs of agencies.

Once we have found the right candidate, Cornerstone helps with a structured onboarding process, ensuring they settle into the role and have what they need to be successful.

Employee Benefits

How do you reward valued employees, and ensure that these perks are sustainable for the business?

We have many strategies for implementing employee benefits and programs that are meaningful for the employee, linked to measurable performance criteria, and ultimately designed to contribute to the overall success of your business, often with minimal cost.


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