As your business grows and changes, you develop a strategy and plan to navigate challenges successfully. With one of your most important resources being your people, investing time in workforce planning and defining a human resources strategy is going to give you the best chance of long term success.

Does your business have a HR Strategy?

Cornerstone’s team of HR specialists works with business leaders to create relevant and effective human resource strategies that are aligned with the overall business plan and objectives.

With a strategic HR management plan in place, we can then assist in implementing any changes to HR processes and operations, so you can be confident that the people element of your business is in safe hands.

Regardless of the size of your business, we can assist with HR strategy and planning to ensure your human resources are working optimally for your business.

We provide thorough analysis and reporting, professional advice and programs designed to support your business in areas such as:

  • Workforce and Succession Planning
  • Team culture and employee engagement
  • Effective recruitment and onboarding
  • Goal setting and productivity
  • Remuneration and employee benefits
  • Developing KPIs linked to business goals
  • Reward and Recognition
  • Leadership training and team development
  • Employee retention
  • Skills gap analysis and team development



Delivering practical Human Resources support for businesses in Western Australia