Everyone has the right to be safe and free from sexual harassment while at work. Likewise, everyone has a role to play in preventing workplace sexual harassment.

There are different legal responsibilities for different people in the workplace and the law requires both employees and organisations to prevent and address workplace sexual harassment.

Those who do not adhere to their responsibilities can be held liable.

With the introduction of Respect@Work legal mandates and a positive duty on employers to eliminate workplace sex discrimination and harassment, businesses must shift their focus to actively preventing workplace sex harassment and discrimination, rather than responding only after it occurs.

Our Respect@Work workshop focuses on developing behavioural skills and new ways of thinking and acting, and providing knowledge to support those skills for all employees. By encouraging active participation, it creates space for debate, discussion and exploration of resistance, and reflection.

It addresses the complex links with principles of safety, trust, and respect, and why creating a safe, inclusive, and respectful culture should be a priority for all businesses.

We also understand the benefits of targeted education and can tailor our training to address the special responsibilities, needs, or experiences of employees at all levels.

Key outcomes of our Respect@Work training include:

Legal compliance – Ensure compliance with Respect@Work legal mandates, reducing the risk of legal issues and associated costs.

Cultural improvement – Promote a safe, inclusive, and respectful workplace culture, which can boost employee morale and productivity.