Dispute Negotiation & RESOLUTION

Cornerstone has extensive experience in Industrial Dispute negotiation and resolution.

Depending on your business requirements, we provide you with strategies to approach discussions, or negotiate on your behalf in relation to:

  • Union Claims
  • Representation of Employers in negotiations with unions and employees,
  • Representation in Industrial Tribunals

Cornerstone will also provide assistance to businesses affected by:

  • Unfair dismissal claims,
  • Claims related to underpayment of wages,
  • Redundancy


Award Interpretation

Modern awards are instrumental in protecting employees in Australia. We help employers understand the obligations they must meet for each award.  

With the variety of job roles and businesses out there, it can often be difficult to determine the correct award for your employees. Once you have determined the award you think may be appropriate, working out the correct pay rates and entitlements can be confusing.

Let Cornerstone take the pain out of this process by assisting with award classification and interpreting the complexities of the entitlements required for your employees.

We have a broad range of experience across multiple industries and can highlight areas of the awards may otherwise be unknown to you, preventing possible back pay and costly claims.

If you’re having trouble understanding the awards that apply in your business, get in touch with Cornerstone. We can interpret the award in simple and pragmatic way so you can be confident you’re meeting your obligations as an employer.


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