Have you noticed a pattern of absenteeism start to emerge in one or more of your employees?

Absenteeism comes in many forms, in many cases genuine sickness, in many more an underlying issue disguised as sickness. It is important to take swift and decisive action.

Left unchecked behaviours such as absenteeism escalate rapidly when it is perceived as acceptable and a pattern starts to develop.

The impact of increased absenteeism by just one or two individuals has a significant knock on effect on your team and morale, costing you in terms of productivity.

Did you know that an employer may request a medical certificate for any period of absence no matter how short? There is no truth to the commonly held belief that employees may self-certify for single days of absence.

Make sure that your expectations of your employees are made clear sooner rather than later, and do not allow patterns of absenteeism to form.

Cornerstone will provide pro-active strategies and advice in how to manage absenteeism.

Poor performance impacting your team?