How engaged are your employees?

There are a few different factors that feed into engagement. We like to keep things simple and through our experience working with business both small and large, we truly understand this what it takes to improve employee engagement.

We’ve broken it down into two main areas:

Engagement is the ability for employees to be present, focused, and energised. But what it does is even more important. Engaged people go above and beyond what is expected of them because they feel part of a purpose larger than themselves.

Purpose is the foundation of engagement – it’s the vital element that makes an engaged business possible and the first step to creating an engaged and sustainable culture.

Effectively communicating the business purpose and values helps employees to connect to the business, and in turn feel more invested in the success of the business as a whole.


Why is it important to have employee engagement?

Engaged employees are loyal, productive and seek to actively support and improve their workplace. They are committed to the success of the business, and put considered effort into delivering the best service and outcomes on behalf of the business.  When there is a high level of engagement in the workforce, employees are enthusiastic and passionate about solving problems. They are connected intellectually and emotionally to the value they can bring to their work, team and customers and this of course then drives business success.