Finding and keeping good people in your business is one of the fundamental keys to success.

The direct and indirect costs of an employee leaving the business is considerable, and investing in retaining high performing and valued employees is important to not only avoid these costs, but also keep valuable knowledge and experience in the team.

Understanding your team and the unique motivators driving individuals’ behaviours and performance can be helpful in determining the best strategies to improve both employee retention and employee engagement in your business.

Cornerstone can work with you to develop an understanding of your workforce through performance reviews, interviews, surveys or by using tools like DiSC profiling. Investing in getting to know the specific aspects of their employment that your team value is critical in ensuring your efforts to improve retention will be effective.

By focussing on improving employee retention, businesses benefit from more productivity, better team culture, and retaining the specific skill sets and experience needed to effectively perform the functions of the role.




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