Successful business owners and managers understand that HR management is much more than hiring and firing. Having effective HR support not only improves the quality of the employees in a business, but allows managers to spend more time and energy on strategic goals in order to achieve better results and improve the bottom line.

Having a permanent HR employee can be costly and isn’t always a viable option, especially for smaller organisations. This realisation amongst managers has increased the demand for outsourced HR support, in order to ensure that businesses are getting the very best and most up to date advice in order to stay compliant, meet obligations, hire (and retain) the best workers and steer businesses towards success.

The benefits of engaging external HR support make it a worthwhile consideration for all business owners. Enlisting the combined skills of a team of experienced HR Advisors is second to none and let’s face it, a financial investment that will pay dividends. Need a specialist recruiter? How about someone to negotiate an EBA? Need to roll out contracts or conduct a remuneration review? All different skillsets, and all skills included in the outsourced HR investment.

Less money spent on salaries means more money in the pocket. Employing a permanent HR person is expensive and out of reach of many businesses; and yet all businesses could benefit from the knowledge and expertise no matter how big or small. Outsourcing HR is the best of both worlds in order to ensure the business is operating above board and moving towards its goals, whilst significantly reducing costs.

Hiring and training new employees is an expensive but necessary activity, with the goal of attracting the very best person for the role. From the initial advertisement on Seek to onboarding and training a new employee, the costs associated with this process can be considerable; which is why it’s important to get it right the first time. HR professionals assist businesses in streamlining this process to ensure that from the interview stage to induction and beyond, each new hire will not only have the right set of skills and characteristics, but also possess values and expectations which align with the businesses in order to better achieve its goals. HR professionals also help to keep employees engaged through effective and ongoing training, leading to workers who are more motivated and want to stay.

Compliance is an important and complicated aspect of managing workers. Employment laws are complex, can be difficult to interpret and are constantly evolving so as a business owner or manager, it’s vital to stay on top of employer obligations. Are employees being paid under the correct Award rate? Do current policies and procedures align with Occupational Safety and Health Laws? Workers who are currently employed on a casual basis, are they true casual employees? Businesses must meet all of the obligations set out by the Fair Work Commission and there are harsh consequences for those who don’t. Engaging the skills of an external HR professional will ensure that penalties can be avoided through compliance and meeting obligations.

Improved strategic growth means bigger profit margins; both of which are music to a business owner’s ears. Managing the HR function of a business requires time and dedication and as a busy manager with a never ending to do list, it’s easy to get side tracked with employee issues or administrative tasks. In order to focus on growth goals, more and more business owners are outsourcing HR functions in order to concentrate on revenue raising activities.

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