Now that you have established you are ready for a new addition to your team, it’s time to advertise.

Advertising is all about making sure your target candidates are not only attracted to the vacant role, but most also, perhaps more importantly, to your business.

To attract the right kind of applicants best suited to your business, a detailed advertisement should be carefully put together.

What to include:

When writing an advertisement, be sure to include the following:

  • An introduction to the business – a short paragraph describing your business will give the candidate a chance to familiarise themselves with your operations. This can include your location, how long you have been operating for, the industry and any key achievements.
  • An introduction to the role – as above, a short paragraph that clarifies the need for a new hire. Sustained business growth or a new piece of work is a nice follow on from the introduction. Be sure to include key position details such as the employment type offered (full time, part time etc), job title, how the role relates to other roles and where it fits in the business.
  • General duties – a list of day to day tasks your new hire will be responsible for will help candidates understand whether the role is right for them and vice versa.
  • Requirements – also known as the ‘Selection Criteria’. This is what you have deemed necessary for the candidate to hold before starting. This can include qualifications, licences, program experience and much more.
  • The benefits – a short paragraph detailing any benefits the business offers employees, salary information, training opportunities, perks or other advantages that come with the role.
  • The fine print – be sure to add a closing date for applications, as well as instructions where and how candidates can submit their applications.

Once your advertisement has been created, it is time to make it available for candidates to view. The best place to advertise will depend on your industry and the type of role being offered. Consider options such as:

  • Online job sites
  • Social media
  • Notice boards or shop windows
  • Newspapers and industry publications
  • Recruitment agencies

Need some further assistance with writing your advertisement or managing your applications? Contact one of our HR consultants today!