There’s something about the start of the new year that has us all thinking about our personal and business goals, and inspired to work with a renewed focus. It can be challenging though if your employees don’t have that same enthusiasm and focus when returning to work this week!

We have some great tips on motivating your team and effective management of employees returning to work after the holidays in our article here.

With your 2020 business goals clearly in focus, the new year is a good time to:

  • Communicate your short and long term vision for the business.
  • Find ways to remind employees of the core values and mission the business has, allowing them to align their efforts and focus to these as they return to their roles after the break.
  • Reinforce expectations around conduct and performance, addressing any areas you’d like to focus on improving for your team this year.
  • Review and update your key HR policies, ensuring compliance with any revised legislation as well as ensuring processes and policies reflect current best practice.
  • Take time to have team meetings, connect with your team on a more personal level, while addressing the above areas, and focussing on priorities you’ve identified for your team and the business.

There are many ways to approach communicating your goals and sharing your vision and focus for the business. If you’re not sure of the most effective way to manage this with your workforce, or are wanting some support to make the most of this time, get in touch with us.