The Small Business Lounge runs regular networking sessions for small business owners to get together. Each event features a guest speaker, Cornerstone’s Christine Howitz is set to share tips and insights at TSBL HQ – 395 Oxford St, Mount Hawthorn – on 12th April.

Christine will be sharing her insights around 4 steps to hiring and retaining great employees.

“Fantastic employees”, says Christine, “can be your greatest asset in any business, and possibly your greatest cost. Recruiting and retaining the right people can play a huge role in achieving your business’s success, so it’s really important that you plan ahead when taking on employees.”

Christine’s four step recruitment and retention masterclass covers:

  1. Getting clear on when to hire
  2. Describing and appointing the successful person, not just the job applicant – including how to filter candidates to find the best one
  3. Setting up and maintaining an efficient onboarding process
  4. How to develop and retain your team

Event tickets are on sale now for $38 and strictly limited – sign up here