Rapid Growth Requires HR Support for Manager


A small family run business in the utilities sector came to Cornerstone at a time when they were quickly expanding their metropolitan operations and successfully winning more and more business. At the time, they lacked the fundamental people management support needed to effectively engage their workforce, and set expectations for their employees. As the business expanded, the General Manager had less time to dedicate to dealing with day to day personnel issues, and decided to outsource the required HR support to Cornerstone.


With the flexibility afforded to the business through our outsourced HR model, the client could confidently focus on core business activities and know the HR function could expand or contract as needed. Cornerstone worked with this business to target their key needs, both immediately and into the future. Cornerstone developed processes that improved efficiency in their people management and enabled the business to expand their workforce in a sustainable way. We ensured that resourcing was achieved purposefully, with consideration to meet the future growth of the business. Cornerstone continues to provide on-site HR support, working at the ground level with the management team and employees, to provide HR support and guidance throughout all stages the employee life cycle.


Having on-site support allowed the General Manager to delegate the time-consuming duty of being hands on in managing his growing team, allowing him to focus on the bigger picture of the business. This focus on sales and acquisition, resulted in numerous high-profile works being awarded to the business, and a consistently expanding and profitable business. Cornerstone was integral in growing the business through recruitment support, performance management, reduction in staff turnover and decreased absenteeism.