One of our clients operating in the hospitality industry, initially engaged Cornerstone to review their HR processes for compliance. It’s easy as a business owner to get caught up in the day to day activities of running a business, and as the business grows, sometimes human resources management can be overlooked in favour of other business priorities.

Having well drafted employment contracts and policies in place cannot be understated, however, as these set out the framework in which the employment relationship is managed. This particular business, like many others we have worked with, had grown quickly but hadn’t established the solid foundations it needed to continue to grow its team.


In addition to rolling out employment contracts, and establishing a basic set of guiding rules to manage employees on a day to day basis, the business also elected to implement HR policies and procedures to assist with legislative obligations including anti-discrimination, OH&S, bullying and protection against unfair dismissal claims.

Cornerstone worked with the client to create policies aligned to the brand and culture of the business, and these were then rolled out to the team. This step is critical, rolling out and implementing HR policies to activate them in the workplace and ensure consistency across the business, promoting an understanding of proper process for the various situations that come up around employee management.


With HR documentation and processes now in place, the management team were better supported to make decisions around employee management, confidently and without hesitation. As a result, they were able to turn their focus to business development and strategy.