A position description or job description is a document outlining the duties and responsibilities of a particular role. A position description details what your employee in the role is expected to do and why the position exists.

Why are position descriptions so important in a business you may ask? Position descriptions or ‘PD’s’ for short, allow clarity for the employee and the employer. PD’s empower the employee to know what their responsibilities and duties are and what is expected of them.

What else does a position description do?

  • Sets an objective for the position,
  • Provides a clear list of duties and responsibilities for the role,
  • Sets clear expectations,
  • Presents clear requirements for skills, knowledge and experience needed in the role,
  • Acts as a great reference tool for any performance related issues within the role,
  • Allows employers to manage employee performance,
  • Is an objective reference point for assessing employees during performance appraisals,
  • Allows employers to set KPI’s or targets for performance,
  • Provides a useful tool during the recruitment process to allow potential candidates to understand the role and its requirements,
  • Helps HR during the candidate screening process,
  • Eliminates ambiguity.

Whether you are issuing a PD to a new or existing employee, it is important to have the employee sign the document to verify they have read and understood the requirements of the role.

Developing Position Descriptions can be a daunting or time-consuming task; however, they are an important tool in any business. If you have any questions or would like to find out how we can help with developing position descriptions in your business, contact one of our HR consultants today.