Earlier this year, we posted a blog on Position Descriptions – what they are, and why they are important. To refresh your memory, PD’s allow clarity for the employee and the employer. PD’s empower the employee to know what their responsibilities and duties are and what is expected of them.

This is especially important when dealing with performance management. Whether it be a poor performing employee, or during an employee performance appraisal, a PD comes in very handy to a business manager. Here’s why:


A PD acts as an objective reference point for assessing employee’s performance. The PD sets the requirements of the job incumbent in the role, not the other way around.

Performance Appraisals

A PD acts as a basis to run performance appraisals. It allows managers to run through the employee’s duties and speak to them openly about where they have been performing well, excelling, underperforming or not performing.

Where KPI’s or targets are included, managers can clearly assess what has or has not been met, and address concerns accordingly.

Performance appraisals, whether conducted bi-annually or annually, are a great time to review PD’s and update as required.

Poor Performance

A PD allows managers to address any areas or tasks that are not being met by the employee objectively.  The PD acts as a reference tool for the manager to address these specific areas.

Where an employee is undergoing performance management, a PD will assist with implementation of Performance Improvement Plans. It will allow you to address the duties that are not being met in their role and develop a plan to help the employee improve.

Reminder: it is important to have the employee sign the document to verify they have read and understood the requirements of the role. Whilst it’s great having a PD in place, it’s just as important that the employee acknowledges the document and their understanding of their role and responsibilities. Without this, it may make performance management harder than it needs to be with difficult employees.

Developing Position Descriptions can be a daunting or time-consuming task; however, they are an important tool in any business. If you have any questions or would like to find out how we can help with developing position descriptions in your business, contact one of our HR consultants today.