Onboarding Packs  

Our previous blog on Onboarding Employees explains why it is an important process, and how it can help you engage your new employees from their first day. This blog will run through what to include in your onboarding pack that you issue to your newest team member on their first day.

Our top tips on what to include in your onboarding packs:

  • Employment contract: a copy of the employee’s signed contract for their personal records,
  • Position Description: the details of the role they will be fulfilling. Don’t forget to include a section for the employee to sign their acknowledgement!
  • Welcome Letter: personalised message welcoming the employee to the business and advising them who they will report to and who they can contact for any issues.
  • Payroll forms: bank details, superannuation forms and tax file declaration.
  • Personal information: to collect information for payroll or other requirements. For example; full contact details, emergency contacts, details of any medical issues that you may need to know in case of an emergency.
  • Fair Work Information Statement: it is a legal requirement to issue this statement, which provides basic information on matters that will affect their employment.
  • Employee handbook/staff induction: includes overview of the business, brief information about business policies and expectations, organisational charts and general information…to name a few.
  • Copies of relevant Company policies: specifically, policies which apply to them from their first day i.e. code of conduct, leave, harassment policies, drug and alcohol testing etc.
  • Confidentiality Agreements or any other declarations: some positions may require this, for example a payroll officer or someone dealing with confidential information on a daily basis.
  • Uniform Order Requests.
  • Staff access cards or time cards.
  • Login details for computers and software’s.
  • Staff contact list.

Not sure where to start with your onboarding pack? Contact one of our HR consultants today to find out how we can help you get your Onboarding Process implemented.

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