Building an Effective Team

We at Cornerstone HR firmly believe that effective team work is the key to a successful business.

Some benefits of cultivating and empowering teams include; increased productivity, a healthy organisational culture, innovation, promotes a wider sense of ownership and stronger conflict resolution skills.

So, how can HR professionals play an active role in building an effective team?

  • Choose the right people – recruit and select team members with different skills and abilities, and who have a positive effect on your organisational culture.
  • Set clear expectations – have roles, responsibilities and accountabilities within the team been clarified and understood?
  • Communicate expected performance and outcomes – is your organisation demonstrating consistency? Are team members receiving efficient information to complete their tasks?
  • Provide the right level of control – Do your teams have the right level of job autonomy? Do team members understand their boundaries?
  • Celebrate your successes – Do you have reward and recognition incentives in place? If your team work well together, or have worked well on a tricky task, a coffee or an early finish is a great incentive!


So, what are the risks of ineffective teams? Without team building skills a manager or organisation risks;

  • limiting the potential of employees
  • limiting productivity
  • difficulty making decisions
  • group-think; a team becomes unwilling or unable to consider alternative ideas
  • fostering an unhealthy work environment and organisational culture
  • inability to resolve conflicts
  • lack of participation
  • social loafing; team members may expend less effort when working collectively than when working individually


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