It’s hard to believe we’re almost at the end of another year! With Christmas rapidly approaching, we encourage business leaders to reflect on the past year, identifying challenges that were overcome, and acknowledging key achievements made along the way.

We’re always asking the question “what could be done better” and for many, the onboarding of new employees as well as effectively retaining valuable team members, are both areas that can often be improved. So, how can you and your team work together more cohesively and effectively?

  • Communicate clear expectations and the expected outcomes for the employee to deliver;
  • Utilise an extended DiSC behaviour profile to provide your employees with an insight and understanding of themselves and their team members;
  • Employ people who truly believe in your product or service, and implement strategies to increase and sustain employee engagement;
  • Ensure employees are engaged by understanding their motivators through their DiSC profile;
  • Provide effective training and get new employees involved and adding value from day one;
  • Share your vision and strategy for the business with your team and regularly refer to these in team communications;
  • With insights from the DiSC profiling tool, provide continuous feedback to employees, so that not only new, but also more established team members see the value of their efforts.

By asking one simple question “what can be done better” you can begin to identify and improve processes within your business. Contact one of our HR consultants today to find out how we can assist you to improve your onboarding process and retain employees through our proven strategies and DiSC profiling.